Eximal Elite
Eximal Elite

308nm Excimer UV-light for Vitiligo and Psoriasis

Big light spot/ High energy

Small Size, Lower Weight, Effective ROI

Portability, Pain free, No side effects


308nm Excimer UV-light is single-rate excimer light by using XeCI as illumination, to induce T cells apoptosis and improve pigment synthesis, which proved to be effective

for many skin diseases with accurate treatments. It is regarded as the most effective way to treat Vitiligo, Psoriasis and other skin diseases because of the excellent efficacy, 

short treatment.Eximal Elite is possible to selectively treat lesions, even when extensive, in only a few seconds without involving the healthy skin. The total irradiation is 

reduced to a minimum, combining the great therapeutic benefits of this wavelength with the safety of limited exposure to ultraviolet rays. A few weeks'treatment eliminates

symptoms for several months. Treatment is extremely well tolerated, painless and with hardly any impact on the patient's working and social activities.The system’s smaller 

size, lower weight and ease of use make it more flexible than an excimer laser. Its comparatively low acquisition and operating costs make it more cost-effective.

Technology Explanation

The light source of Eximal is a molecule consisting of Xe atom and Chlorin atom under the effect of electric filed. As chlorin atom can accept a electron from Xe atom, the 

two atoms are activated and on an unstable combination state, thus producing single-rate excimer light    




Research results: 81% patients obtain over 74% elimination rate in less than 10 times treatment; 55% patients obtain over 92% efficacy in less than 10 times treatment.


Clinical data shows: Patients can obtain 82.4% effective rate after 15 times treatment, 67.9% after 10 times treatment and 41.9 after 5 times treatment.



Lesion targeting with 308 nm single wavelength. The spot can be applied directly on localized plaques and protect unexposed healthy skin.Suggested treatment dose of 

monochromatic UVB light has no side effects. Pain free performance and suitable for childen.

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No comsumables, high ROI

Low acquisition and operating costs, maintenance-free technology. No consumables, no gas needed. Portable design, easy for transportation.

Large spot size for fast treatment

Treatment area up to 42 mm x 61 mm (eight photo-masks available for accurate treatment). Spot size up to 25.62 cm² for fast treatments even on 

large areas.

Clinically proven effectiveness

High-energy spotlight for option. Max 4500mj/cm2 energy density and variable dose for option. Visible results after only a few sessions.


Intuitive user interface, easy to use.Integrated MED (Minimum Erythema Dose) setting is convenient and time-saving, simple and reliable.

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Durable light source with long lifespan.

Before & After
    • Before
      Treatment session: 5
      Treatment session: 5
    • Before
      Treatment session: 5
      Treatment session: 5
    • Before
      Treatment session: 5
      Treatment session: 5
    Technical Specifications

    Eximal Elite

    Light source XeCl Excimer light
    Wavelength 308nm±2nm
    Energy density 50~4500mJ/cm2
    Limit power density 50mW/cm2


    Light spot 25.62cm2(4.2cm*6.1cm)
    Hight-energy spotlight spotlight lampshade: 0.8cm2 (Φ10)


    Single irradiation time 1s -90s
    Display 10.4inch LCD touch screen
    Dimension 496*470*325 mm
    weight 39KG