Coolite Fiber

Coolite Pro

Coolite Pro

Fiber Coupled Diode Laser

1 st Fiber Coupled Diode Laser for depilation

2 year/25 million shots warranty

3 cutting Edge

Easy maintanance

Ultra light handpiece

Uniform energy distribution

Coolite Bolt

Eximal Family

Eximal Elite

Eximal Elite

308mm Exclimer UV-light system

Excimer therapy with optimal wavelength 308mm.

Spot size up to 26cm2 for rapid treatment.

Super long life span of lamp, 1500+ hours

No consumables, no gas required


Focushape Pro

Focushape Pro

Vacuum-assisted HIFU for perfect Shape

World’s 1st Vaccum assisted HIFU for slimming

Clinical proven result, visible reduction in size

For targeted only, high safety and comfort.

Non-invasive body slimming solution


Square Pulse IPL (SHR)

12 hours non-stop flashing, up to 10HZ.

UK imported lamp, durable & powerful.

Energy calibration system ensures stable and accurate output.

Big spot size with even energy distribution.





Super Pulsed CO2 Laser

Minimal invasive, no downtime therapy

Adjustable spot size, shape etc for accurate treatment

A wide application for Dermatology and Gynecology

High RIO, easy maintanance